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Twice a year we recruit web design student interns to participate in our Free web design program.  The design students benefit by gaining a reference, experience, a portfolio sample and often getting a grade or college credits.
They build you a custom website with a WordPress backend that works well on all PC and Mobile devices. The design process often takes less than a week and if your design is simple we can often do it same day.  You will be assigned a designer, a design manager, and you are the boss.
Your website will be built the right way.  To achieve top Google ranking, To convert sales at the highest rate possible and to become a valuable part of your business.
You own the website once completed.  There are no strings attached and there are no costs.  In order to own a website however you must have a domain name and web hosting.  You can use any domain name that you already own or you can get a new one for around $12 per year.  Professional hosting is also needed and usually runs under $10 monthly.  These are two costs that you will incur as long as you have a website online. (even if you build it yourself)   You can use your current host if you wish.
We do offer inexpensive hosting as an option at $4-$6 a month as a convenience.  If you host the site with us we maintain access to continue doing any web design work / additions / edits / graphics for you for free for the entire year.  Your design is fully managed all year long for free.

Step one:     Choose the initial style of your new website.

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You can change the look at any time. The words / images / colors on any of them can be changed to fit your business. So choose a style you like and we will adapt it to fit your business.