Direct email services

In many businesses you know exactly who your best potential clients are. In these situations your best advertising is by emailing them directly via email.


You are an artist and would like to send your offer to thousands of galleries and retailers.

You sell Billiard cues and you wish to send your offer to thousands of billiard fanatics.

You own a restaurant and want every business in your zip code to have your menu.

Use your imagination. Who is your customer? Call for consultation and we will help you figure that out.

Custom email list based on your target market.
1000 email addresses for $100
5000 email addresses for $250
If you need more just ask!

Call now for consultation and to order 407-850-8028

You own the custom email lists that you order. These are your forever contacts that you should reach out to at least once a month.

We send your emails for the first time for you for free.
And we show you how to send them for free so you can use them in the future. (We comply with all anti-spamming laws and rules and will advise you to do the same.)